Turn your work into a game
but don’t tell your boss

Create your task with shortcuts

Using natural language date parsing and shortcuts for choosing a project, tag and task assignee, you can create your tasks like a boss.

We used such a complicated phrase, “natural language data parsing”, to look more professional and so that you know how hard it was to develop that.

Win trophies and share them

You can share your wins with facebook or twitter, but you don’t have to. They could be all just for you.

Remember that by sharing a trophy you create the illusion that you’ve been actually working on something.

Take part in a creation

We analyse your moves and your winnings because our goal is to create a whole new world of gaming at work.

We have been collecting all points and levels and we will be asking you to help us in our journey. Of course you can not care about all of that and use the app only because you like the interface.

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(yup, we use a lot of adjectives to describe what we do)


Our users are so busy using itemz that this is all we could pull out of them

  • John Rain

    I’ve never agreed to having my face used on the itemz website

  • Clint Westcoal

    I don’t use this app and I‘m not planning
    to start

  • Walter Black

    They sent me an invitation but it went directly to spam

  • Kathy Fish

    What do I need trophies for, is this a contest?

  • Stephen Cook

    There are millions of task management apps. Creating another one is just stupid.

  • John Parrot

    What was the question again?

we’ve helped


people with managing
their projects and tasks

they won


awesome trophies

and it took only


cups of pure caffeine