We’ve improved the way of uploading your project and profile pictures, and haven’t stopped there

Alina GrzegorzewskaApril 15, 2014

In order to upload your profile or project picture, all you need to do is drag an image from your hard drive onto the avatar field, sit back and let the magic happen.

We’ve also fixed a couple of minor bugs:
  • You can finally add multiple tags in the main task input
  • You can no longer assign a task to a person who has not joined the project yet
  • The previously messed up Roar Notification in IE11 has been fixed

In addition, there’s now a small feedback icon in the top right corner, so that you can tell us right away if something goes wrong, or even if something goes really well. In the latter case, we’ll end up printing the message, framing it and hanging it up in our office. ;)

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May 28, 2014