Did you miss us? We’re still here, updating itemz and fixing bugs.
There may have been some bumps along the way, but we’d like you to know that the itemz beta has hit the road.

Alina GrzegorzewskaFebruary 19, 2015

Long time no see, huh? The itemz app is finally getting its last polish before the beta version release.

This might or might not be version 1.7235b23a12. But does it even matter?

So that’s what’s been happening the last few weeks:

Bug fixes:

  • Project files are deletable
  • Active elements regarding the creation of new tasks are now fully visible
  • Changing the password view was fixed and it’s actually working, which is nice
  • Task files counter shows 1 when there’s 1 file
  • Project Overdue counter doesn’t disappear, it haunts you forever now

Minor updates:

  • Links to Terms of Service and Terms of Privacy were added
  • Quick Guide was added
  • Activity history shows the full name of the invited person now
  • Additional information about the new message in task was removed.
  • Updated scrolling in task area
  • Updated Project Archive

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