As hard as it is to believe, we worked hard all summer long (it was too hot to go out anyway).

Alina GrzegorzewskaOctober 14, 2015

Since we launched the closed beta version of itemz a couple of months ago we learned a lot from your e-mails and suggestions. Thanks to you, we’ve fixed plenty of minor bugs, changed some annoying things and improved the app overall. So before we start really bragging, we’d like to thank you itemz users for your notes, print screens with arrows, colors and question marks and - most of all - for your precious time that you spent writing about itemz, while you could have been watching your favorite tv series.

And here’s what we did this summer:
  • Open registration to beta. Hurray! We’re ready for you after testing everything we could possibly test and checking every box in the big, fat pile of checklists. We decided to open our registration so new users don’t need to sign up and wait for access to beta. They can just start using itemz the second they decide they want to. We want to build a bright new epic future of being productive while having fun with itemz and we don’t think that it should be rationed. It’s time to spread the awesomeness :)
  • Plans and pricings came to life. We had already begun work on this option, but due to high demand, we needed to enable pricing plans sooner than expected. You are no longer limited to three people and three projects - it’s now possible to expand the plan according to your needs. Keep calm, we thought about awesome names for those plans too :)
  • And last but not least - a new website. We really liked the previous one (we designed it, you know), but we decided it was time to refresh it a bit. And when we started designing those teeny-weeny changes, there was no turning back, massive explosions, epicness, etc. And that’s the story of how we made a new itemz website. We also wanted to add some new and important information like who we are, where we are going… And we’ll definitely add a bit when we figure those things out.

We also took care of some minor updates and bug fixes:

  • we enabled the long awaited feature of changing the task order within a day
  • the sidebar with task details is now hidden until you click on any task to see its details
  • we updated some descriptions in the app to lessen confusion and increase fun
  • we added a few “welcome” tasks so the very first moment you log in you already have something to do
  • we finally added “r” into “Achive” ;)
  • and we also fixed some bugs that occured while fixing other bugs.

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May 20, 2015