You probably still can’t believe that we’re actually going to launch the beta soon, but it’s happening

Alina GrzegorzewskaMay 28, 2014

After being compared to Duke Nukem Forever (yeah, it hurt), we’ve decided to stop trying to make it work after hours, stop believing that developing the app 5 hours a week would get us anywhere, and that a design created in late 2011 would work in 2014. We just stopped kidding ourselves and came to a decision. Either we do it right - full time, or not at all. It wasn’t easy because we have no investors or outside funding (and we didn’t really want any, so that no one would be able to keep telling us over and over again that there are millions of productivity apps out there and building another one is just stupid). We are just a group of people who love the idea, who feel that those apps currently available on the market could be great for some, but not for us, and who like games and competition.

So in 2014 we rallied, started from scratch, focused on the main features, and here we are. The alpha version is being tested and we’re heading towards beta. This big step is punctuated with the new website, which, hopefully, will show you where we’re heading.

And if you want to go there with us, to help us in that journey to Mordor, go to the “What we are working on” page and vote for the features that you want to see next in the itemz app.

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