Now you can show your itemz trophies to the world. We know it’s what you’ve always wanted.

Alina GrzegorzewskaMay 20, 2015

We’ve finally enabled sharing trophies on Twitter. It took some time, but we did it! (A quiet cheer would be appropriate, thank you) Now you can share the new trophies you get and also those old (but still awesome) ones that you already have.

We’ve also made some minor bug fixes and updates for the app and the website such as:
  • You can share and like the itemz blog posts (just like this one) on Facebook and also share them on Twitter.
  • Epic video teaser was added to the website.
  • “Today isn’t November 1899” bug was fixed, so there is no problem in dropping overdue task to “today”.
  • A huge manual was created just for you: After reading it all you’ll definitely know more about our app than we do.
  • New trophies were added so there is even more to share on Twitter. Of course we won’t tell you how to get them!!!

P.S. Use the share/like/tweet buttons under the text to see for yourself that they’re really working!

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