We even have some of those.


Itemz’s main purpose is to help you with creating and collecting tasks within projects. The rest of the features are just for show.

You can share your project with other people so that they can see everything that’s going on within the project - they’ll see all the tasks, tags, files and comments regarding the project.

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The Inbox is just for you - you can’t share it with other people and no one will ever know what you did there.

The Inbox is also purgatory for all of the unattached tasks. And it’s free of tags.

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Set up tasks for yourself or others, add details, files, tags and comments to those tasks. Also when the “oh, please, not today” day rolls around - change those due dates with a simple drag&drop.

Some people create tasks and then forget about them, letting them rot in the “overdue” section. Those people just want to see the world burn.

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Add multiple tags to tasks so you can filter the view and see only “#Urgent_Stuff!!!” when needed.

Every tag created by you is visible for the rest of the group. It’s important that you know that.

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One view
to rule them all

Now you can see tasks from multiple projects at the same time and plan your day without having to click about a million times between projects.

Finally, Kasia can see all the tasks at once and drop a single F-bomb, instead of one for every separate project, as before.

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It’s only the beginning of our journey through the productivity world. You get trophies when working hard (or hardly working - hahahaha, never heard that before, did you?!)

We start with trophies. Soon we will develop the point / level system that we’re working on. After that - sharing your productivity stats with the world. And after that we rule the whole galaxy.

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  • Comments

    Write inside tasks, add pictures to a message, let everyone know how creative you are.

  • Notifications

    You won’t miss any task created for you, any new comment or uploaded file.

  • Activity

    Global activity, project activity, task activity. Everyone is active, all of a sudden.

  • Custom view

    See 1 or 7 days, 1 or 10 projects at a time. See “overdue” or pretend they don’t exist.

  • Keyboard shortcuts

    Pick a project, assign a task, add tags, choose a date - all from your keyboard (or someone else’s, we won’t judge you).

  • Date parsing

    Set your deadline to ]today, ]tomorrow, ]friday, ]3apr - you don’t have to click on any calendar.

  • Trophy sharing

    Share your wins via Facebook (soon ready) or Twitter (already ready).

  • Overdue

    All the tasks that missed their deadline (their destiny!) land in the red Overdue section

  • Someday

    Tasks without a deadline. Your hopes and dreams.

  • Files

    Uploading files to projects or tasks is now ready!

  • Repeatable tasks

    Automatically duplicate your task for every chosen day.

  • Task following

    Be a stalker for a while and follow someone’s task. Get notified with new comments, files, any changes.

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